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When it comes to packaging and POS materials, we think outside the box.

Get the Total Package

As an essential component of the brand experience, you need packaging and POS materials that puts you ahead of the competition. And that’s exactly what Harbour Printing does.

We help companies cut through the digital noise and bring their brands to life in physical environments. Our approach to packaging pairs intriguing textures with eye-catching visuals to capture your customer’s attention. The final result? A memorable brand experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.


Top Quality Packaging

We create award-winning packaging for high profile clients across North America.


Innovative Design

We use innovative design techniques to bring brands to life and capture new audiences.


Quick Turnarounds

Our team of experts can design and deliver high-quality packaging within a matter of days.

Our Packaging Options

Harbour Printing offers a wide range of packaging and POS solutions to help you capture audiences in-store.

Foil Board Packaging

High-end finishes aren’t just for high-end brands. Our innovative approach to foil board packaging uses European techniques to deliver beautiful reflective packaging at an affordable price. Unlike traditional foil applications, foil board allows us to layer inks on top of reflective surfaces so you can achieve a unique metallic look with any combination of brand colours.


Colour may draw in your customers, but texture will keep your product in their hands. In addition to our wide selection of paper products, we can also use embossing to add texture to your packaging and make important brand components more distinct. This will not only give your packaging a unique look, but it will also engage your customers’ sense of touch.

Packaging Enhancement

Use AQ, Varnish, or UV to highlight a logo, brand element, or photo on your packaging. This value add process allows you to incorporate a unique touch and feel enhancement for an impressive customer experience, whether the contrast of a matte vs glossy finish or the buttery smooth finish of soft-touch.

Cannabis Packaging

Some of the best brand experiences consider every touchpoint between awareness and decision. From product displays to cash wraps, there are countless opportunities for you to bring your brand in-store with custom wraps. We work closely with our clients to appropriately design and size POS wraps to tastefully represent brands and promote new products.

What can
we package?

There is no product too big or too small for our team to handle. Here are some of our most popular packaging and POS products:

  • Paper Packaging
  • Board Printing
  • Product Signage
  • In-Store Posters
  • Counter Wraps
  • Product Displays

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If you’d like to learn more about our printing process or pricing, please reach out to our team, and we’d be happy to provide all the information you need to get started.